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DPKDual Purpose Kerosene
DPKDana Pihak Ketiga
DPKDigital Press Kit (music marketing)
DPKDemokratische Partei Kurdistans (German: Democratic Party of Kurdistan; Iraq)
DPKDeutscher Pudel Klub eV (German: German Poodle Club)
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DPK can be a source of dietary fiber without any negative impact on sensory quality of end-products if they are properly milled (Almana and Mahmoud, 1994).
Almana and Mahmaud (1994) evaluated DPK as an alternative source of dietary fiber in comparison with wheat bran and suggested that they may provide a valuable contribution to dietary fiber intakes.
By acquiring DPK, Tetra Tech is taking another important step toward rounding out our full-service offerings to USAID, which has become one of Tetra Tech's largest customers," said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech's Chairman and CEO.
DPK is based in San Francisco, CA, and has about 120 employees worldwide.
Keeney is the president of DPK Public Relations, a Texas-based firm specializing in crisis communications planning, crisis communications response and crisis recovery as well as media relations, marketing communications and spokesperson training.
Abdulmenaf Bexheti, member of DPK, says that if such agreement has been realized, the realiza-tion of the Census will be impossible.
com, DPK has developed a sophisticated, customized logistics and distribution system that serves customers quickly and completely as soon as they place their orders -- throughout all of Europe.
Dorsey & Whitney LLP, DPK Consulting, Drexler Technology, DynCorp Inc.
Abdulmenaf Bexheti, Deputy President of DPK, stated that the chances for harmonizing the standpoints within the foreseen deadline are minimal.
Vesna Janevska, president of DPK, confirmed Wednesday that Albanians and Turks were boycotting and said a new competition for census officers would be announced.
Crown lawyer David Reid said police believe he is a member of a gang known either as the Downpatrick or DPK Hoods.
DPK, which can be used in aircraft and is cheaper than imported aircraft fuel, had been diverted to the aviation industry for profit and the state-run Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) is now being more strict.