DPMPDrug Policy Modelling Program (Australia)
DPMPDonors per Million Population (organ donation statistics)
DPMPDato' Paduka Mahkota Perlis (Malaysian award)
DPMPDominant Position of Market Power
DPMPDowntown Parking Management Program
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We assessed the degree of association between donor efficiency and DPMP by calculating the Spearman rank-order correlation (Marascuilo and McSweeney, 1977).
Table 3 lists the estimated number of potential donors, the number of actual donors, donor efficiency, and DPMP according to OPO.
Figure 1 displays donor efficiency plotted against DPMP.
The contract is to provide electricity to off-take points DPMP, as taking responsibility for a deviation towards clearing and securing the services of electricity distribution through the distribution system (PDS) to the sampling sites.