DPMPDrug Policy Modelling Program (Australia)
DPMPDonors per Million Population (organ donation statistics)
DPMPDato' Paduka Mahkota Perlis (Malaysian award)
DPMPDominant Position of Market Power
DPMPDowntown Parking Management Program
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DPMP allows practitioners to not only uncover early signs of the disease, but offer more specific therapeutic interventions based on the severity of insulin resistance, beta cell dysfunction, or both.
While traditional methods of diagnosis uncover a little more than half of patients who are predisposed to diabetes, DPMP has found early signs of diabetes in 82 percent of those who are on track to become diabetic.
With DPMP in our arsenal, Health Diagnostic Laboratory is set up to transform the care of patients who would otherwise one day be diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.
Table 3 lists the estimated number of potential donors, the number of actual donors, donor efficiency, and DPMP according to OPO.
Figure 1 displays donor efficiency plotted against DPMP.
The association between the donor efficiency measure and the current standard used by CMS, DPMP, was moderate.
The launch of Health Diagnostic Laboratory's DPMP using the Quantose markers also represents a significant milestone in Metabolon's evolution from providing biomarker analysis services to discovering cutting-edge metabolomic-based diagnostic markers.