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DPNDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
DPNDisability Program Navigator
DPNDip-Pen Nanolithography
DPNData Packet Network
DPNDouble Pointed Needle (knitting)
DPNDeaf President Now (1988 student protest at Gallaudet University)
DPNDermatosis Papulosa Nigra (skin condition)
DPNDeutsches Provider Network (ISP)
DPNDivision Production Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Production Division; Electricité de France)
DPNDisney Podcast Network
DPNDeuda Publica Nacional (National Public Debt)
DPNDulcimer Players News
DPNDecoupled Plasma Nitridation
DPNDeep Peroneal Nerve
DPNDigital PhishNet (AOL, FBI, FTC, Microsoft, Secret Service, VeriSign)
DPNDecomposed Petri Net
DPNDigital Project Notebook
DPNData Processing Node
DPNDigital Path not provided signal (ITU-T)
DPNDemand Promissory Note
DPNDigital Packet Network
DPNDiamond Pyramid Hardness Number
DPNDistributed Processing Network
DPNDedicated Private Network
DPNDowntown Professionals Network
DPNDynamic Private Network (Warpspeed Communications)
DPNDigital Photography News
DPNDesktop Pipeline Newsletter
DPNCompartment Thickness
DPNDavid Paul Newell (musician)
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The conference is sponsored by PNC Bank, DiversityComm, DPN Group and Morgan State University's Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center (EDAC).
DPN is characterised by numbness and paraesthesia, typically of a burning quality with nocturnal worsening, most frequently in the feet and ankles and to a lesser extent in the upper extremities.
George (2004) found that, when compared to controls, subjects with DPN exhibited significantly lower walking velocity, and cadence, as well as impaired reaction time and ability to produce rhythmic limb acceleration (9).
Although the age at presentation is quite broad (3-64 years), DPN generally presents between the second and third decades of life as a solitary papule of less than 1 cm in diameter and shows a slight female predominance (female to male ratio of 1.
People with DPN can be very sensitive to light touch, which can cause significant pain," said Rick Dobrowsky, one of the paper's authors.
In fact, hyperglycaemia has been shown to be the strongest risk factor for the development of DPN.
DPN lezyonlari bazi olgularda yaygin ve kronik oldugu icin sosyal iliskileri bozabilir ve psikolojik stres yaratabilir.
Research shows that improved blood sugar control delays the progression of DPN, and it is important that people are diagnosed early and receive aggressive treatment.
The remainder of this article will focus on chronic sensorimotor DPN and its management.
controlled trials, three involving patients with DPN and three involving
Nanolink released the DPN System 1 for building nanoscale structures using Dip Pen Nanolithography .
The government has since started to repay that debt with DPN bonds, which have accumulated in the BCV's coffers.