DPNBDorsal Penile Nerve Block
DPNBDipropylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether
DPNBDescending Palatine Neurovascular Bundle
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The most effective postoperative analgesic techniques in two studies were DPNB and caudal block, each providing around four hours of postoperative analgesia (55,74), although disturbingly, a 2008 Cochrane Review found that 30 to 50% of patients still needed rescue analgesia in the recovery unit after either of these techniques (75).
Only the RACP has a policy, stating since 1996 that appropriate anaesthesia must be used (12), and ranking DPNB above EMLA, and EMLA above sucrose in order of effectiveness for neonates (5).
Local anaesthesia techniques including ringblock and DPNB may be acceptable, but can have significant failure rates and may provide inadequate pain relief.
Many anaesthetists would argue that the DPNB is too simple to require ultrasound.
We have not had a failure using the described technique and recommend ultrasound guidance as a method to improve safety and success of the DPNB.