DPNMDemocratic Party of New Mexico
DPNMDairy Producers of New Mexico
DPNMDe-Oiled Peanut Meal (animal nutrition)
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The second-order polynomial regression between dietary DPNM meal levels and each weight gain (Fig.
Proximate composition (%) of the experimental diets containing supplement of different DPNM rate.
Low growth with high levels of DPNM in tilapia fries could be due to a lower lysine and methionine levels in DPNM (Yildirim et al.
In the present research, substituting FM with different levels of DPNM did not reduce levels of EPA and DHA in the flesh below those obtained in fish fed DPNM-0 diet.
The present investigate showed clearly that the use of DPNM in diets is effective in producing n-3 PUFA rich products as reported in the muscle of sunshine bass (Morone chrysops x M.
The levels of 18: 1n-9 and 18: 2n-6 were significantly higher while 20: 5n-3 and 22: 6n-3 were lower in high level DPNM diets.
In those cases, DPNM helped to raise funds to cover the difference and has never had to close any organizational parish nurse program.