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DPPDemocratic Progressive Party (Taiwan)
DPPDirector of Public Prosecutions
DPPDivision of Plasma Physics
DPPDigital Photo Printer
DPPDiabetes Prevention Program
DPPDigital Photo Pro
DPPPapar (SIL Code, Mamlaysian language)
DPPDepartment of Planning and Permitting
DPPData Protection and Privacy
DPPDemocratic People's Party (South Korea)
DPPDivision of Purchase and Property
DPPDepartment of Public Policy
DPPDistrict Policing Partnerships
DPPDepartment of Public Prosecutions
DPPDeferred Payment Plan
DPPDirect Participation Program
DPPDark Passion Play (Nightwish album)
DPPDiscounted Payback Period
DPPDigitally Programmable Potentiometer
DPPDevelopment Policy and Practice
DPPDivision of Parole and Probation
DPPDentin Phosphoprotein
DPPDomestic Preparedness Program
DPPDisaster Prevention and Preparedness
DPPDoctor Patient Partnership
DPPDyfed-Powys Police (UK)
DPPDepartment of Professional Practice
DPPDistributed Parallel Processing
DPPDining Philosophers Problem
DPPDefect Prevention Process
DPPData Processing Program
DPPdata patch panel (US DoD)
DPPDuchenne Parent Project
DPPDetailed Project Program
DPPDirect Payment Plan
DPPDuPont Pharmaceuticals (USA)
DPPDedicated-Path Protection
DPPDisposable Plotter Pen
DPPDefense Program Projection
DPPDisaster Preparedness Planning
DPPDeveloping Patient Partnership
DPPDeveloping Policies and Procedures
DPPDisaster Preparedness Project
DPPDance Party Productions
DPPdistributed production program (US DoD)
DPPDeprogram Program (Israli music website)
DPPDedicated Procurement Program
DPPDeliberate Planning Process
DPPDiocesan Pastoral Plan
DPPDisabilities Prevention Program (NCEH)
DPPDesignated Priority Program (New York)
DPPDirect Participation Plan (finance)
DPPDigital Picture Processing
DPPDictionary Parsing Project
DPPDistributed Processing Peripheral
DPPData Project Plan
DPPDemocratic Peace Proposition
DPPDeferred Prosecution Probation
DPPDelegated Production Program (DIA)
DPPDistributed Pre-Planning (restoration method)
DPPDoctrine and Pastoral Practices
DPPDisaster Processing Procedures (FEMA)
DPPDevelopment Process Plan
DPPDifference Pulse Polarography
DPPDistributor Policies and Pricing
DPPDepartment Policy & Procedure
DPPDocument Preparation and Production
DPPDominated Path Pruning
DPPDiploma in Law - Paralegal Practice
DPPDefense Planning Projection
DPPSerif Draw File (file name extension)
DPPDigital Preprocessor
DPPDistribution Power Panel
DPPDelivery Planning Package
DPPDielectric-Filled Parallel Plate
DPPDial Plan Provisioning (Cisco)
DPPDaily Practice Problem (education)
DPPDivisión de Protección de Personalidades (Spanish: Division of Protection of Persons; Guatemala)
DPPDetailed Production Planning
DPPDrill Pipe Pressure (oil engineering)
DPPDiesel Performance Products
DPPDogs Playing Poker
DPPDewan Pemuda PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia; Malay: PAS (Islamic Party of Malaysia) Youth Council)
DPPDenver Pet Partners (Denver, CO)
DPPDigital Personal Property
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The Government made clear after the dismissal of the former DPP that these changes must be in place before appointing a new DPP.
While on the other hand, Abdullah Kakar serving in Narcotics department on deputation and DA / DPP Killa Abdullah, Abdul Latif Kakar have been directed to continue to serve on their existing positions.
If the Nationalist Party (KMT) teams up with the Communist Party of China to gang up on the DPP, it will be very difficult for the party to return to power," he said, referring to Taiwan's ruling party that wrested power from the DPP in the 2008 election.
NSW Supreme Court Justice Peter Garling had previously issued a restraining order relating to Lakeside Pty Ltd and Misha Family Trust after the DPP made an application under the federal proceeds of crime act, which aims to prevent criminals profiting from their crimes.
Community organizations that would like to secure DPP funds for clients through the DPP Advantage[R] program should contact a participating member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.
She became the DPP chairwoman after the party suffered a humiliating defeat in 2008 presidential polls and has since led the party to victory in several regional elections.
7 percent of the vote for the DPP, the Central Election Commission said, in a semi-rural electorate that skirts the east of the city center.
Sinn Fein DPP chair Elisha McLaughlin said while the protesters may have genuine concerns about policing in the area, they had no right to intimidate others.
DPP is one of the UK's principal independent planning consultancies, operating from a network of nine regional offices across the UK.
DPPs were invented by Ciba Specialty Chemicals, but its patents have expired and Clariant Corp.
This expansion will allow us to keep up with the demand for high-performance pigments (HPP) based on DPP chemistry," said Hermann Angerer, global head of Ciba Specialty Chemicals' coating effects segment.
In fact, the DPP found that over the 3 years of the study, diet and exercise sharply reduced the chances that a person with IGT would develop diabetes.