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DPPCDipalmitoyl Phosphatidylcholine (lung surfactant)
DPPCDisabled Persons Protection Commission (Massachusetts)
DPPCDisaster Preparedness and Prevention Commission
DPPCDeployable Print Production Center
DPPCDistributed Parallel Packet Classification
DPPCDefense Planning & Programming Category
DPPCData Protection & Privacy Commissioners (FEMA)
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Based on specificity of the target organ, various components of DPPC can be rationally selected.
Survanta (beractant) is derived from minced bovine lung extracts with DPPC added to the preparation.
Et ira in aliis praeceptis non ratio particularis, sed universalis est attendenda>>; DPPC, 468: <<.
DPPC, which along with galvanized sheets shall also produced coloured sheets, also target of the growing market in Bangladesh and so already set its office in capital Dhaka.
Whether this is a result or a cause of osteoarthritis is uncertain; however, it is clear that limited capability of DPPC based layer formation influences the efficiency of boundary lubrication to sustain high loads resulting in increased friction and, as a consequence, wear of cartilage.
Simon Mechale, head of the DPPC, warned that the harvest is 25% down on previous years and that acute water shortages have already wiped out much of the livestock.
1995b), "Managerial effectiveness", Paper presented at 25th International Conference, DPPC, University of Bradford, Bradford, UK.
of Canada Ltd, which, in turn, controlled 40% of DPPC in New Brunswick during 1990.
Freeing of Louise-Felicite dite Agard, 30 April 1804, ANOM Depot des Papiers Publics des Colonies, Notariat de Saint-Domingue (hereinafter DPPC NOT SDOM) 699.
Tech Energy ordered retrofit kits for their DPPC s at the Fort Smith (Alaska) Times Record and The Springdale (Ark.
Alveolar type II cells cNOS activity and ATP levels are increased by lung surfactant or DPPC vesicles.
An Investigation into Management Training Development Needs of Senior Officials in Zimbabwe, DPPC, Research Monograph No.