DPPDDepartamentul Pentru Pregatirea Personalului Didactic (Romanian: Department of Teacher Training)
DPPDDes Plaines Park District (Illinois)
DPPDDozens of Problems for Partial Deduction (library; UK)
DPPDDisaster Prevention and Preparedness Department (various locations)
DPPDDes Plaines Police Department (Illinois)
DPPDDot Product Packed Double-Precision (computing)
DPPDDirectorate of Pay Policy Development (Canada)
DPPDDoctor of Policy, Planning and Development (degree; University of Southern California)
DPPDDeveloping Policies and Procedures Documentation
DPPDDivision of Policy and Program Development (various organizations)
DPPDDimethyl-Para-Phenylene Diamine
DPPDDos Palos Police Department (California)
DPPDDose per Patient Day
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The annotated coding sequence for this gene uses an alternative start codon, resulting in a distinct amino acid sequence for the Rv0061 (BCG_0092), the coding sequence for the DPPD protein.
In 2000, a study performed Southern blot analysis with DNA from a few species of mycobacteria and the DPPD gene (BCG_0092) was shown to be present in M.
14) tested several alternatives for expression of BCG_0092 (named DPPD by the authors).
The DPPD (corresponding to BCG_0092) protein was the only antigen that elicited DTH reactions in tuberculosis patients comparable to those elicited by tuberculin.
The encouraging results obtained with use of DPPD (BCG_0092) in the skin test, with similar results to PPD in terms of sensitivity and with improved specificity (15) prompted us to investigate the possibility of genetically modifying the BCG strain in order to knock out this antigen.
In order to improve the training process and methodological skills to DPPD students in the experiment we proposed to achieve through action research, the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent structure are cause- effect related.
59 Protective Materials Antioxidants, Antiozonants and Inhibitors AgeRite DPPD lb.
Also, some rebel groups still continue to oppose the DPPD, namely the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and two factions of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM).
DPPD is commonly offered in blends to reduce the melting point and provide easier dispersion.
A 20-year wholesale power deal has been inked by DPPD after discussions with NPPD for almost three years.
Gwen Kautz, DPPD general manager stated that one of the features of the deal is that they can get out of it if NPPD isnt competitive with other energy producing firms.