DPPDDisaster Prevention and Preparedness Department (various locations)
DPPDDes Plaines Police Department (Illinois)
DPPDDirectorate of Pay Policy Development (Canada)
DPPDDoctor of Policy, Planning and Development (degree; University of Southern California)
DPPDDeveloping Policies and Procedures Documentation
DPPDDivision of Policy and Program Development (various organizations)
DPPDDimethyl-Para-Phenylene Diamine
DPPDDos Palos Police Department (California)
DPPDDose per Patient Day
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In order to improve the training process and methodological skills to DPPD students in the experiment we proposed to achieve through action research, the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent structure are cause- effect related.
The DPPD which the government signed in mid-July last year with the rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) is facing difficulties on multiple fronts of its implementation, mainly regarding allocation of financial resources and integration of former rebel fighters into the army.
Table 1--formation of a physical barrier Chemical type Example Characteristics N-aryl-N'-alkyl para- IPPD, Very active phenylene diamine 6PPD Low molecular weights are volitile Activity decreases with alkyl group containg greater than C8 Dynamic and intermittent dynamic applications N-N'-dialkyl para- 77PD, Highly staining and volatile phenylene diamine 88PD Very active Susceptible to oxygen attack Mostly static, less for dynamic or intermittent dynamic applica- tions N-N'-diaryl para- DPPD, Slow migration rate phenylene diamine Wingstay Least volatile -100 Little staining Moderately active Good for dynamic, but poor for static applications
59 Protective Materials Antioxidants, Antiozonants and Inhibitors AgeRite DPPD lb.
Also, some rebel groups still continue to oppose the DPPD, namely the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and two factions of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM).