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DPPIDipeptidyl Peptidase I
DPPIDisaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative
DPPIDesigning Pleasurable Products and Interfaces (international conference)
DPPIDisability Pregnancy and Parenthood International (UK)
DPPIDiesel Performance Parts, Inc. (Nashville, TN)
DPPIDiastole-Phased Pulsatile Infusion
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These data will be used to help inform the development of DPPI services including the information service for disabled parents and professionals, and training for health and social care professionals in the area of disabled parenting.
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey are the members of the DPPI.
Clint Erickson, of DPPI, commented, 'Softwrap provides us with peace of mind that our IP is protected and that the ecommerce side of things are taken care of.
The Special Shareholders Meetings of RIPI, DPPI, CBPI and Ultrapar to deliberate about the Share Exchange will be held on December 18, 2007.
Additionally we have taken another important step in the acquisition of Ipiranga, with the auctions for the tag along tender offers of DPPI and RPI on October 22, the auction for the tag along tender offer of CBPI being set for November 8, thus completing the second phase of this acquisition process.
Homology modeling studies of human DPPI based on the crystal structures of Cathepsins B and H indicate the presence of a loop near the catalytic triad that is conserved within human, rat, and mouse DPPI but has no sequence homology to any of the other cathe psins or cysteine proteases.