DPPMDefective Parts Per Million (Six Sigma metric, manufacturing)
DPPMDynamic Power-Path Management (battery power)
DPPMdiphenylphosphino methane
DPPMDynamic Player Performance Model (gaming technology)
DPPMDifferential Pulse Position Modulation
DPPMDiploma in Project Planning and Management (education program)
DPPMDivision of Production, Productivity and Management (UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean; Santiago, Chile)
DPPMDefence Policy Procurement Manual (Australia)
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By integrating with core banking and other enterprise applications such as customer relationship and risk management, the DPPM solution will help banks craft bundles of products and price them in real time.
3D-COSTAR has proven to be a crucial tool to analyze the many complex trade-offs in 3D test flows, in terms of both cost and DPPM, said Erik Jan Marinissen, ?
DPPM is an award winning full-service project management firm headquartered in Irvine, California.
DPPM has offices in Irvine, San Francisco and Toronto.
DPPM reduction efforts must focus not only on the manufacturing processes but also on overcoming many cultural, communication and interpretation differences.
Proper training of rework operators, controlled distance of hot air nozzles and airflow, and ongoing audits further helped to lower DPPM for open-circuit defects.
All of these combined efforts have helped reduce the DPPM post reflow and minimize scrap cost.
Pintail's products provide reduced test time, reduced DPPM and improved supply chain visibility and are progressively available for most testers, including Teradyne, Verigy Credence, and LTX systems.
Test Advantage has been at the forefront of software solutions to reduce DPPM in semiconductor manufacturing.
Toyota's selection of Streetwise is a testament to the continued success of the technology and its ability to help achieve DPPM improvement and overall device reliability without compromising manufacturing cost effectiveness," commented Fabrice Dechoux, CEO of Test Advantage.
The step increase in test quality due to SDD tests will significantly boost our DPPM reduction program, and therefore STMicroelectronics will start deployment of Synopsys' SDD ATPG by design teams in March 2008.