DPPODental Preferred Provider Organization
DPPODesignated Public Places Order (UK)
DPPODevelopment-Production Prove-Out
DPPODistrict Publication & Printing Office
DPPODistrict Public Prosecutor's Office (South Korea)
DPPODesignated Public Protection Order (UK)
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Feedback from local residents shows these DPPOs are popular and the community want us to take positive action against the few individuals whose behaviour can a'ect other people's quality of life.
The percent of enrollees making some financial contribution toward their coverage was 99 percent for Discount plans, 93 percent for DHMO plans, 94 percent for DPPO plans, but only 45 percent for Dental Indemnity plans.
Our services and plans-which now include a DPPO option-provide a comprehensive enhancement to an overall benefit package.
Police say the DPPO will play a pivotal role in the new crackdown on drunken anti-social behaviour.
Automatic Performance Optimization - DPPO comes preloaded with predefined performance profiles for popular applications such as Autodesk Maya, PTC Creo and Dassault SolidWorks.
SUPPORT: Mayor Ray Mallon, top, and Cllr Pervaz Khan, above EXTENSION PLAN: A DPPO sign near Centre Square Picture by IAN COOPER
A consultation with people in New Ferry saw 74 responses backing the DPPO proposal.
A report to the meeting states: "The justification for the proposal to make a DPPO to cover the large area is to extend enforcement which has already proved to be effective to areas which currently experience alcohol related anti-social behaviour causing nuisance, annoyance or disorder or which is likely to suffer such behaviour because of displacement if the proposed DPPO is not made.
A borough-wide DPPO can only strengthen our intention and resolve to minimise the unwanted excess of irresponsible and anti-social behaviour.
A police officer is empowered in a DPPO area to request an individual to stop drinking in public but if they refuse and are arrested they face a maximum pounds 500 fine.
with more than 87,500 DPPO contracted access points (over 46,800 unique providers) and over 31,500 DHMO contracted access points (over 9,000 unique providers).
Yesterday Ashington Neighbourhood Sergeant, Mick Kelliher, said: "Since the launch of the DPPO we have seen antisocial behaviour drop in the area by more than 20%.