DPPODental Preferred Provider Organization
DPPODirection Participative par Objectifs (French: Participative Management by Objectives)
DPPODesignated Public Places Order (UK)
DPPODevelopment-Production Prove-Out
DPPODistrict Publication & Printing Office
DPPODirection de la Prospective et du Pilotage Opérationnel (French: Directorate of Forecasting and Operational Steering)
DPPODistrict Public Prosecutor's Office (South Korea)
DPPODesignated Public Protection Order (UK)
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The percent of enrollees making some financial contribution toward their coverage was 99 percent for Discount plans, 93 percent for DHMO plans, 94 percent for DPPO plans, but only 45 percent for Dental Indemnity plans.
A partir de esta DPPO se configura el conjunto de cuencas fluviales.
Como puede observarse, el porcentaje de cuartos positivos al CMT fue superior en los no sujetos a la DPPO que en los sometidos a esta medida (30,75% vs 28,19%) y las diferencias en la distribucion resultaron estadisticamente significativas ([[lambda].
Feedback from local residents shows these DPPOs are popular and the community want us to take positive action against the few individuals whose behaviour can a'ect other people's quality of life.
Although crime and reports of anti-social behaviour are low in the area the DPPO gives us another option to address local concerns.
Automatic Performance Optimization - DPPO comes preloaded with predefined performance profiles for popular applications such as Autodesk Maya, PTC Creo and Dassault SolidWorks.
Coun Roberts - who also leads South Wales Police Authority - said the success of a DPPO in cutting excessive consumption of alcohol in Ynysangharad War Memorial Park in Pontypridd showed the impact it could have on rowdyism throughout the county.
Middlesbrough Council wards currently subject to a DPPO are University, Park, Middlehaven, Gresham, Easterside, Acklam and North Ormesby.
Police say the DPPO will play a pivotal role in the new crackdown on drunken anti-social behaviour.
Yesterday - as Northumbria Police promised a clampdown on alcohol-fuelled disorder in the town this summer - they also said the DPPO will play a pivotal role.
The DPPO will allow officers to stop people drinking in public, confiscate alcohol and issue fines of up to PS500 if warnings are ignored.
A borough-wide DPPO can only strengthen our intention and resolve to minimise the unwanted excess of irresponsible and anti-social behaviour.