DPQDallas Pain Questionnaire
DPQDefense Planning Questionnaire (NATO; US DoD)
DPQData Processing Quality
DPQDifferential Personality Questionnaire (psychology)
DPQDischarge Planning Questionnaire
DPQDélégation Performance et Qualité (French: Delegation of Performance and Quality)
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It has been a great pleasure to see so many local people get involved in the project and to work with them and DPQ to create a visual piece of art, which includes personal photographs.
DPQ organises everything from bachelorettes, baby showers, kid's parties, yacht parties, dinner parties, corporate events, product launches, "and general parties where people are really not sure about what they want to do," said Harvey.
The amount of DPQ formed during the oxidative polymerization of DMP was determined by the spectroscopic method (15).
Introducing DPQ digital controller with analog feedback for hydraulic injection cylinders, improved to be faster, more repeatable, and more accurate.