DPRADutch Plastic and Rubber Association
DPRADynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
DPRADartmoor Pony Registry of America
DPRADon Pedro Recreation Agency (California)
DPRADisability Pensioner with Rheumatoid Arthritis (EU)
DPRADrug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (Canada)
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Further, the DPRA divided non-exempt digital transmissions into two
narrow restriction on exclusive licensing, (41) the DPRA left royalty
She extensively discussed DPRA, which ultimately the court threw out for improperly rewriting court procedural rules, especially on collateral appeals (See story, page 5).
Eisnaugle asked Richard if the Legislature had authorized the court to readopt the stricken rules 24 days after the DPRA became law.
83, 85 (1993) (arguing in favor of a public pertbrmance right for digital transmissions of sound recordings prior to the passage of the DMCA and DPRA, using arguments similar to those espoused by Congress).
GSA associates at USA Services, a Presidential E-Gov initiative, worked closely with DPRA to design the survey and will be helping with the distribution.
19(9) (directing the Secretary of State to provide the personnel, supplies, and any necessary equipment to copy records held at the records repository), which is consistent with our proposed rules, we find that [section] 3 of the DPRA is unconstitutional, as this section attempts to regulate the procedure for public records production in capital cases.
concerns of those who crafted the DPRA, that digital technology posed a
DPRA Environmental is pleased to announce that Robert Wahlstrom, P.
In rejecting those limits, the opinion said: "The successive motion standard of the DPRA prohibits otherwise meritorious claims from being raised in violation of due process.
DPRA Environmental Selected by City of Roseville for Brownfields Project
June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- DPRA Environmental has been awarded an Indefinite Quantity Contract for professional environmental services with the Kansas City Facility Services Office of the U.