DPRDDewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah
DPRDDepartment of Planning and Regional Development (University of Thessaly; Greece)
DPRDDallas Parks and Recreation Department (Texas)
DPRDDouble Panel Rolling Door
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The province's economic administration bureau chief, Sonny Samsu Adisudarma, said : 'We are now seeking approval from the Provincial Legislative Council's DPRD Commission C, overseeing finance and economic affairs.
10) Overall, small parties won a mere total of twenty-nine seats in the twenty-one provincial DPRDs of Sumatra, Java, Bali, and Kalimantan, while fifty-five seats were won by these small parties in the twelve provinces east of the Wallace line (see Table 5).
In these conditions of concurrent high-stakes political competition at various levels, it is the candidates for the district and municipality DPRDs that are usually forced to rely on more traditional means of campaigning.
A disproportionally large amount of these posters appear to be for candidates for local DPRDs rather than national parliament, indicating again that local legislative candidates continue to rely on more traditional means of campaigning.