DPREDirection de la Planification et de la Réforme de l'Education (French: Department of Planning and Education Reform; Senegal)
DPREDesignated Parachute Rigger Examiner
DPREDynamic Policy Recognition Engine (Sanctum)
DPREDepartment for the Protection of the Environment
DPREDes Personnes Déplacées et Réfugiées (French: Displaced Persons and Refugees; NATO)
DPREDisplaced Persons, Refugees, Evacuees
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The core technology of Sanctum's AppScan and AppShield products, the DPRE automatically and continuously defines policy for Web sites without the use of signatures or rules, enforcing the intended business behavior of all Web applications, from the Web site interface to the back-end databases.
The DPRE technology provides automatic and comprehensive protection of core business information and data by defining a policy of authorized behavior allowed for each specific user, rather than relying on a set of rules or signatures defined for large groups of users.
This patent is a significant step for Sanctum to further establish market leadership and focus on continued development of the products based on the core DPRE technology.