DPRIDisaster Prevention Research Institute (Kyoto University, Japan)
DPRIDefense Policy Review Initiative (Japanese Self Defense Force)
DPRIDrug Prevention Resources, Inc. (Irving, TX)
DPRIDirectives, Publications and Reports Index
DPRIDépartement de Droit Privé (French: Department of Private Law; Belgium)
DPRIDay of Prayer for Revival in India (Christian movement)
DPRIDiscrete Pursuit Reward-Inaction
DPRIDigital PR (Public Relations) Incorporated (London, UK)
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He said that the sampling that he saw earlier in DPRI at SALU are now bearing fruits.
The implementation plan for the DPRI is laid out in the May 2006
overshadowed progress in implementing other elements of the DPRI.
2484 Table 4 Series: DPRI DMSUPNGDP DTCRENGDP Lags interval: 1 to 1 Eigenvalue Likelihood 5 Percent 1 Percent Hypothesized Ratio Critical Critical No.
In Japan, the DPRI process has resulted in an agreement on specific force posture realignments that will have far-reaching, beneficial impacts for the U.
13) On October 31, 1979, President Carter announced the DPRI committee recommendations, one of which focused on the perceived misinterpretation of Section 7 of the Clayton Act.
The controversy surrounding relocation of MCAS Futenma has overshadowed progress in implementing other elements of the DPRI.
Other elements of DPRI have greatly enhanced interoperability and joint command and control.
Co-development milestones established under the DPRI process have been accomplished on schedule with successful tests of the technology.