DPRSRADigital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings Act of 1995
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amendment to the DPRSRA defined nonsubscription transmissions to
methods, the history of the DPRSRA suggests that voluntary negotiations
the DPRSRA as a response to concerns that previous copyright laws could
following the passage of the DPRSRA as an "uphill battle" for
became clear that the DPRSRA left many copyright issues unsettled; (86)
Loren, supra note 45, at 687 (citing DPRSRA [section] 2
36) In addition, the DPRSRA added a new subsection 6 to section 106 of the Copyright Act that created a new exclusive right--the digital performance right.
The DPRSRA subjected the limited right to performance to certain exclusions contained in section 114(d).
The DPRSRA adds another facet to copyright antitrust.
Further, Congress's enactment of the DPRSRA only created compulsory digital radio licensing system pursuant to which, in the absence of an agreement between a licensor and licensee, licenses are set by arbitration in domestic licensing.
111) To face the challenge, VPL and IFPI models of assigning licenses should mirror that of the domestic PRSs, as well as following the guidelines specified in the newly enacted DPRSRA.
Similarly, the protection of performance rights in sound recordings was long and finally forthcoming in the DPRSRA.