DPSSDiode-Pumped Solid-State (laser)
DPSSDepartment of Public Social Services
DPSSDistributed-Parallel Storage System
DPSSDatapath Synthesis System
DPSSDigital Precision Strike Suite
DPSSDesignated Permanent Storage Site
DPSSDigital Programme Searching System (Sharp)
DPSSData Processing Subsystem
DPSSData Processing and Services Subsystems
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The Business Intelligence Platform automatically consumes all shared welfare data, determines benefit eligibility, and delivers timely and actionable information about the state of DPSS welfare programs for executive leadership and key managers across the county to review.
According to Norlase the advantages of the TDDL compared to DPSS lasers are:
The DPSS of the MTM could be adjusted to optimize the final level of significance by its P value.
Shortly after the first sanction report was made public, DPSS formed a Partner's Workgroup composed of stakeholders in DPSS, other county agencies, and the community.
DPSS lasers have a Gaussian beam, high repetition rate and low pulse energy lasers, and are almost always used with galvanometer beam delivery.
Los equipos DPSS, ideados para facilitar el almacenamiento de datos en empresas con minimo tres servidores y maximo 99, incluye tres licencias de software y soporte a este por un ano, de parte de HP.
Diesel engines are available with the innovative Peugeot DPSS filter to ensure cleaner tax saving emissions.
I collected data from ACORN campaign files; interviews with organizers (including the lead organizer of the workfare campaign and the head organizer of Los Angeles ACORN) and case advocates; and participant observation at a direct action, a negotiating session with DPSS, and a membership meeting.
announces a new series of low-power, end-pumped, diode-pumped, solid state lasers has been added to its line of DPSS laser sources.
Engineers at Q-Peak, Inc, Bedford, MA, have developed an RGB laser source that is based on a single frequency-doubled DPSS oscillator-amplified laser combined with an optical parametric oscillator (OPO).
The company has incorporated this improved DPSS laser as well as certain other company design enhancements into the advanced model of the Nuvolase 532 medical laser system for dermatological applications.
While we will continue to sell our UV and excimer laser systems, as well as systems which use DPSS lasers, we strongly believe there are significant growth opportunities using advanced fiber lasers to displace traditional laser sources in high growth applications.