DPSSLDiode Pumped Solid State Laser
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The development of the key technologies necessary for the fabrication of very high-power and relatively low-cost devices with selectable wavelength, beam format, and PRF, has widened the horizons for DPSSL technology tremendously.
DPSSL LASER ACHIEVED FIRST LIGHT: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that the "Mercury" Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (DPSSL) has also achieved "first light" in a rep-rate mode, producing 31.
In DPSSL applications, laser diodes offer greater overall efficiency, better beam quality, and more flexible design compared to conventional flashlamps.
He said "modularity and similarity of laser parameters assure that testing subscale beamlets will cost-effectively address DPSSL physics and engineering issues.
John Sethian, also from NRL, described krypton fluoride laser issues in detail; Howard Powell from Lawrence Livermore did the same for DPSSL.
For DPSSLs, beam smoothing and efficiency are issues that require more effort once the basic Mercury architecture has been demonstrated.