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DPTDoctor of Physical Therapy
DPTDiphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
DPTDirty Pretty Things (band)
DPTDays Prior To
DPTDynamic Packet Transport (Cisco)
DPTDepartment of Parking and Traffic (San Francisco, CA)
DPTDruk Phuensum Tshogpa (Bhutan United Party)
DPTDocument de Politique Transversale (Cross-cutting Policy Statement)
DPTDistributed Processing Technology
DPTDevlet Planlama Teskilati (State Planning Agency of Turkey)
DPTDew Point Temperature
DPTDirect Push Technology
DPTDifferential Pressure Transmitter
DPTDemocratic Party of Turkmenistan
DPTDirection des Produits Thérapeutiques (French: Therapeutic Products Directorate; Canada)
DPTN,N-Dipropyltryptamine (psychedelic drug)
DPTDigital Proprietary Telephone
DPTDouble Plays Turned (baseball)
DPTDevelopment Prototype
DPTDial Pulse Terminating
DPTDrejtoria e Përgjithshme E Tatimeve (Albanian: General Directorate of Taxs)
DPTData Processing Team
DPTData Processing Terminal
DPTDeployable Proficiency Trainer
DPTDistribution-Preserving Tomlinson
DPTDirector of Plans & Training
DPTDemocratic Party Tajikistan
DPTDistributed Physical Test (Hekimian)
DPTDynamic Project Team (IRS)
DPTDie Penetrant Test(ing)
DPTDeep Pressure Touch
DPTDate Paid Through
DPTDurable Press Treatment (fabrics)
DPTDigital Pad Table (Sprint)
DPTDual Path Transceiver
DPTDigital Printing Technologies (Traverse City, MI)
DPTDynamic Penetrometer Test (geotechnology)
DPTDublin Port Tunnel (Dublin, Ireland)
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The decision to join DPT came after a nationwide consultation with all the candidates, coordinators and members over the period of six months with both DPT and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT).
Six vaccines (bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine [BCG], OPV, DPT, pentavalent, HBV and measles) were given to children.
However, an effective tax mismatch does not give rise to DPT liability unless the arrangement also lacks sufficient economic substance.
For one thing, DPT is rarely covered by health insurance (20) and is often considered only after conservative treatment has failed.
Sc Paramedics and DPT is encouraging and it shows enthusiasm and trust of the students and their parents on KMU.
In 426 (70%) patients, DPT with the suspected drug was performed.
The contract has been signed for DPT to provide Imprimis with quantities of its active topical anti-inflammatory drug, Impracor, for presently planned Phase 3 clinical trials.
DPT specialises in semi-solids and liquids but has branched out into new markets, more specifically sterile and speciality products.
In 2008, Dow and DPT broadened their 35-year collaboration on LPOxo Process Technology, the world's leading process technology for producing Oxo alcohols, to include the further development of the Dow's PTA technology.
com)-- Daimer[R] Industries, known as one of the largest providers of pressure washers offering wet steam, is now selling a stationary propane heating steam system featuring the company's new DPT remote combustion heating technology
And subsequently the assets and Intellectual property of DPT have been sold to one of its commercial partners, global oil and gas business Genesis Oil and Gas Consulting.
To solve our problem, we need what I call a 3-prong approach: 1) Autonomy of practice, 2) aggressive public relations campaign and 3) a carefully developed DPT program.