DPTCDisabled Persons Tax Credit (UK tax credit for working people with disabilities)
DPTCDairy Products Technology Center (San Luis Obispo, CA)
DPTCDouble Pits to Chesty (extreme sports trick)
DPTCDirty-Paper Trellis Codes (watermarking)
DPTCDistrict Pharmacy Training Coordinator (Walgreens)
DPTCDigital Phase Tracking Circuit
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It will also include support with the costs of childcare, building on the existing childcare component of WFTC and DPTC.
To address this, DPTC Fast-Track has been introduced, providing a new route to DPTC for those whose earnings have been reduced through disability or illness and who may otherwise be
The DPTC Fast Track provides a new route to DPTC, offering cash help to people who become disabled while working and have to move to a less demanding and less well paid job, or need to reduce their working hours.
Some of the qualifying rules for initial applications through the new Fast-Track are different from those for other initial applications for DPTC.
You may be eligible to apply for DPTC through the Fast-Track if you have an illness or disability which puts you at a disadvantage in the labour market and is likely to last for at least another six months or the remainder of your life and:
You have been receiving one or more of a number of qualifying benefits for 20 weeks or more, with the last day of receipt within the 56 days immediately before applying for DPTC.
Initially, the DPTC aims at building a liquid bulk jetty with capacity to accommodate vessels of up to 225 metres.
The agreement was signed by Mulham al Jarf, Deputy CEO of OOC, Rien Van de Ven, CEO of PDC, and Ahmed al Amry, Project Director of DPTC.
DPTC s first order of business will be to develop and operate a liquid bulk jetty that will accommodate vessels of up to 225 metres.
Once operational, DPTC will offer a solid proposition to our operations in Duqm in relation to hydrocarbon storage, facilitating the import of crude and exporting of refined products and will be instrumental to the success of the upcoming Duqm Refinery planned for 2018 and the planned Oxo production plant, said Mulham al Jarf, Deputy CEO of OOC.
DPTC will act as a project management service provider which will contribute to the ongoing developments in Duqm as a hub strategically located on the international shipping lines.