DPWMDigital Pulse Width Modulator
DPWMDirectorate of Parks and Wildlife Management (Namibia)
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We have also built capacity within the DPWM to take over most of the functions we have been performing," said Baker.
further categorized into "continual clamping" and "split clamping" DPWM methods.
Analysis of space vector based DPWM methods for AC drives starts with the concept of stator flux ripple.
He assured the DPWM of GTBoard's backing at all times and said the decision was indeed a good one on their part.
Van Duijn CM, Delasnerie-Laupretre N, Masullo C, Zerr I, de Silva R, Wientjens DPWM, et al.
The design of this controller can easily be transferred from one implementation technology to another, and also meets the requirements of very high frequency operation in DPWM mode, and very low power consumption in the DPFM required for low-power portable and handheld devices.