DPXData Processing Exchange
DPXDelta Package Expander
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange
DPXData Protector Express
DPXDistyrene Plasticizer Xylene (histology)
DPXDigital Picture Exchange
DPXDi-N-Butyle Phthalate in Xylene
DPXDigital Phosphor Technology (Tektronix)
DPXDusty Plasma Experiment
DPXDiffuse Plane Xanthoma
DPXDeep Penetrating Expanding (ammunition)
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Hydropriming for 12 h and hormonal priming with gibberlic acid for 14 h with cultivar DPX was best in this regard.
Engelhard noted that its DPX filters are capable of trapping very fine particles, including those below one-tenth of a micron.
The company also introduced Dogal 800 DPX, a hot-dip galvanized high-strength steel that can be re-bent without cracking.
The new device, the GE Lunar DPX Bravo designed by GE Medical Systems, includes a pencil-beam device that produces a focused beam of energy, which reportedly reduces x-ray scatter and patient exposure.
The European Commission adopted a Directive on June 28 (C/2001/1686) authorising the inclusion in annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC on the marketing of phyto-pharmaceuticals, of the active substance DPX KE 459 (methyl-flupyrsulfuron, manufactured by Du Pont de Nemours S.
has overcome temperature restrictions for its self-cleaning, DPX diesel-soot traps with a new electric-regeneration package.
This major update adds support for advanced 3D workflows with DPX, QuickTime and AVI files, clip bins, more metadata, realtime capture and playback up to 4K resolutions and a visually stunning new user interface.
Loberg said that in 1998 when DPX was launched on several TDS Series scopes, some engineers still favored analog scopes because of what he called "a statistical dimension" provided by the "phosphor display capability.
It supports RED and DPX soft mount of third-party storage for instant access to media, and handles conform verification, RED shot selection and live debayering as well as file I/O.
TDK-Lambda Americas has introduced DPX Series DC/DC converters that can be mounted onto DIN rails.
The next step in ammunition technology was recently taken by the Cor-Bon Ammunition Company in the development of its DPX (Deep Penetrating X-Bullet) ammunition.
s DPX catalytic particulate filter for use in the state's In-Use Diesel Retrofit Plan.