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DPERDeep Earth Resources, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA)
DPERDirection de la Programmation et des Études Routières (French: Department of Programming and Traffic Studies)
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In this equation, the coefficients are significantly positive for DPER, G, and DJ and significantly negative for P, as expected.
458 and replaces DPER as the dominant incumbency variable.
Preparation of microencapsulated additives: APP, DPER, or a mixture of APP and DPER with different mass rations of 3/1, 1/1 and 1/3 (60 g) was first dispersed in 150 ml ethanol.
Sample code PP APP DPER MAPP (%) MDPER (%) M(A&D) (%) PP 100 / / / / / PAPP 70 30 / / / / PAD 3/1 70 22.
When DPER is incorporated into the PP/APP composites, a remarkable improvement in the flame retardance is observed.
The values of the composites containing M(A&D) in the mass ratio of APP to DPER 3/1, 1/1, and 1/3, are 33.
5%, and there is about 5% decrease in the value of the composites containing 30% of the APP and DPER mixture with different ratios.
zhugs kyi rjes dpag nyid kyis gnod pa med pa / dper na
7, Ce 322b]: tathanagamapeksanumanavisayabhimatanam tathabhavah yatha caturnam aryasatyanam / ananumeyanam tathabhavo yathatmadinam / (de bzhin du lung la ltos med pa'i rjes su dpag pa'i yul du 'dod pa dag la de bzhin du 'gyur te / dper na 'phags pa'i bden pa bzhi dag lta bu'o // rjes su dpag par bya ba ma yin pa de dag ni de ltar 'gyur te / dper na bdag la sogs pa Ita bu'o //).