DQAData Quality Assessment
DQAData Quality Act
DQAdata quality assurance
DQADirector Quality Assurance
DQADiagonal Quadratic Approximation
DQADelivery Quality Assurance
DQADepartment of Quality Assurance
DQADevelopment Quality Assurance (various organizations)
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Through a consensus process of its stakeholders, the DQA builds measures that are evidence-based.
Over the last 20 years the Business Excellence Department has trained over 3,500 companies on the criteria of DQA and DHDA and over 2,500 assessors on the EFQM model.
Consequently, in the present study we characterized the genetic variation of the exon 2 of SLA II DQA locus from Large White, Landrace and Duroc pig strains and investigate the correlation between genotypes and piglet diarrhea, to identify the suitable candidate markers correlated with animal resistance potentially for use in genetic strategies to breed disease resistance pigs.
Dubai's drive for competitiveness will gain substantially from Emiratis across all service channels committing to such globally accepted practices," remarked Malakeh El Haj, trainer and Senior DQA Assessor.
The book can be used by all DQA applicants, past and present, as well as organisations from government and private sectors, to benchmark their performance as per the EFQM criteria as well as learn and implement best practices within their organisation.
To cite an example on which I am knowledgeable, Mooney claims the DQA is a political ruse to hinder science in regulatory agencies.
Again, if there is no exclusion, a "paternity index" is calculated by comparing 1) the likelihood that the mother and the nonexcluded possible father could produce a fetus that has the tested DQA type with 2) the likelihood that the mother and a random, nontested man from the same ethnic group could produce a fetus that has that DQA type.
The DQA service couples TRANSFIRST's processing capabilities and state-of-the-art security with StrikeForce's identity verification/validation and authentication platforms, ValidateID(TM) and ProtectID(TM).
The DQA required OMB to promulgate regulations which set forth the standards which data disseminated by all federal agencies must meet.
DQA is one of the most sought after Quality Awards in the UAE, sponsored by the Business Excellence Department, Corporate Quality & Management Excellence at the Department of Economic Development Dubai.
The mission of the DQA is to develop performance measures for oral health care.
Jafza was previously also the recipient of the DQA award in 2003 and has since undertaken an extensive business process re-engineering exercise to improve operations and processes.