DQCData Quality Center
DQCDigital Quaker Collection
DQCData Quality Control
DQCDouble Quarter Column (print advertising)
DQCDouble Quantum Coherence
DQCDesign Quality Control
DQCDelta Quadrant Command (game)
DQCDelaware Quality Conference
DQCDirectional Quasi-Convexity
DQCDame Quaker's Club (gaming)
DQCDefinite Quantity Contract
DQCDream Quest Communications
DQCDosimetric Quality Control
DQCDomain Quick Connect (Apollo)
DQCDisk Quota Control (Microsoft Windows NT)
DQCDeemed QC
DQCDivision Quality Council
DQCDose and Quality Control
DQCDepartmental Qualification Course
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What it really demonstrates is the leadership, commitment and vision that the state leaders have in those two states," said Paige Kowalski, director of state policy and advocacy for the DQC.
The things we're lagging in involve changing the people side of the equation," says Aimee Guidera, DQC executive director.
DQC will also release new guidance around state strategies to protect the privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data at their national event on April 28.
Good data is defined by DQC as longitudinal, contextual and interoperable.
First Mortgage Bonds, Series -- CUSIP 266228832 -- NYSE Ticker Symbol: DQC -- Book Entry -- 6.
Option Symbol: DQC / Stock Symbol: GRIC) on Monday, June 19, 2000.
Kull succeeds Tom Hensley, the founding president of DQCS who died of a heart attack Nov.