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DRADouay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (Bible)
DRADefault Retirement Age (UK)
DRADepartment of Regulatory Affairs (Colorado)
DRADevelopmental Reading Assessment (educational test)
DRADebt Relief Agency
DRADisability Rights Activists
DRADel Ray Artisans (Alexandria, VA)
DRADiameter Routing Agent
DRADivision of Ratepayer Advocates (California)
DRADesign Risk Assessment (business methodology)
DRAData Recovery Agent (Microsoft)
DRADual Recovery Anonymous
DRADelta Regional Authority
DRADebt Recovery Agent
DRADynamic Resonance Absorber
DRADisaster Recovery Analyzer
DRADrop Random
DRADatabase Resource Adapter
DRADisk Resident Arrays
DRAData Recovery Agent
DRADhcp Relay Agent
DRADomain Registration Agreement
DRADemand Responsive Approach (water supply)
DRADemocratic Republic of Afghanistan (1978-1992)
DRADétachement de Reconnaissance d'Armée (French: Army Recognition Detachment)
DRAData Research Associates
DRADirectory and Resource Administrator
DRADispositif Régional d'Accompagnement (French: Regional Support Device)
DRADielectric Resonator Antenna
DRADeinococcus Radiodurans
DRADude Ranchers' Association
DRADrag Reducing Agents
DRADrug Regulatory Authority (various nations)
DRADirectives Régionales d'Aménagement (French: Regional Planning Guidelines)
DRADon't Run Away (educational program; StandUp for Kids)
DRADark Room Assistant
DRADriver's Reminder Appliance (trains)
DRADynamic Resource Allocation
DRADefense Research Agency
DRADiscontinuously Reinforced Aluminum
DRADispute Resolution Agreement
DRADistributed Raman Amplification
DRADeafness Resources Australia
DRADeficit Reduction Act of 1984
DRADatus Rhône Alpes (French industrial technology firm)
DRADeputy Regional Administrator
DRADownregulated in Adenoma
DRADisability Resource Association (Crystal City, MO)
DRAData Recovery Advantage (CBL Data Recovery; Barbados)
DRADynamic Rate Adaptation
DRADirectory Replication Agent
DRADecision Risk Analysis
DRADon't Recognize Acronyms
DRADead Reckoning Analyzer
DRADébarquement des Ravagés de l'Airsoft (French: Landed from the Ravages of Airsoft)
DRADrainage Retention Area
DRADistributed Restoration Algorithm
DRADrivers Reminder Appliance (UK trains)
DRADynamic Range Adjust (IKONOS Imagery)
DRADistributed Robotic Architecture
DRADining Room Assistant
DRAData Rate Adapter
DRADual-Reflector Antenna
DRADreaded Rear Admiral (band)
DRADesign Review Agency
DRADynamic Reclaiming Algorithm
DRAData Release Authorization (US NASA)
DRADeployment Requirements Assessment
DRADirection de La Recherche Appliquée (French)
DRADesign Review Agreement
DRADigit-Recurrence Algorithm
DRADigital Recorded Announcement
DRAData Record Analysis
DRADénomination Rapide Enfants (French: Rapid Naming Children; research software)
DRADiscrete Raman Amplifier
DRADeployment/Deactivation Requirements Analysis
DRADefense Reauthorization Act of 1991
DRADefense Reporting Activity (US DoD)
DRADual Rational Arnoldi (algorithm)
DRADefense Research and Applications
DRADynamic Redeployment Algorithm
DRADirector of Royal Artillery (UK and Australia)
DRADesignated Repair Activity
DRADisaster Recovery Area
DRADepot Repair Action(s)
DRADistributed Resources Assessment
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Talking to Business Bhutan, the officiating Chief of Post Marketing Control Division, DRA, Pelden Chenjor, said that the notification is meant to create awareness among the public on the risks associated with such unregistered products like Oriens products which claims health benefits without the approval of the DRA.
Unlike DRA, DRO may not produce an increase in any particular alternative response, leading some authors to speculate that DRO functions as a negative punishment procedure (e.
We are enthusiastic about the investment potential of this portfolio and the ability to extend our national industrial footprint to over 45 million square feet," said David Luski, president of DRA Advisors.
The business climate, especially as it relates to coal mining and processing, forced a lot of companies to readjust their strategies, and DRA Taggart was no different.
The DRA and DIAC plan to further take steps to create awareness about each other and to provide insights into their respective rules and procedures.
Former DRA Minister of Reconstruction, Development and Infrastructure and former rebel chief negotiator Tadjadine Bechir Niam, told Sudan Tribune that the parties to the DDPD agreement would discuss work arrangements for the 800 workers of the authority.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, funds managed by DRA acquired all issued and outstanding common stock of IRC for USD 10.
31 March 2016 - Real estate funds managed by US-based investment advisor DRA Advisors LLC (DRA) have closed the acquisition of US-based REIT Inland Real Estate Corp.
A pesar de los recientes avances en la asistencia de DRA, como el apoyo de TRR, uso racional de soluciones intravenosas, la mejora en el diagnostico y el tratamiento de la disfuncion de organos distantes; la morbilidad y mortalidad en pacientes con DRA son inaceptablemente elevadas, (7) con tasas del 24% y 14%, respectivamente.
CIMT and FIMT were also higher in DRA group than in NDRA group but only the latter difference was significant (Table-III).
Dubai: The Support Services Centre, or SSC, which is part of the Government of Dubai's Department of Finance, and the Dispute Resolution Authority, or DRA, have signed a Service-Level Agreement, or SLA, that enables the availability of a number of corporate support services.