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DRAGONDatabase Referencing of Array Genes Online (Baltimore, MD)
DRAGONDetector of Recoils and Gammas of Nuclear Reactions (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
DRAGONDirect Access to Geophysics on the Net (Geophysics Department at the Geological Survey of Norway; database)
DRAGONDavis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network (University of California, Davis)
DRAGONDynamic Resource Allocation via GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching) Optical Networks (project)
DRAGONDelta Research and Global Observation Network (USGS)
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He said he would march against the dragon in the morning.
The dragon being dead, the emperor fell on the hero's neck and said:
Then he gave the youth the following instructions how to overcome the Dragon of the North: 'You must have an iron horse cast, which must have little wheels under each foot.
What is the great dragon which the spirit is no longer inclined to call Lord and God?
It appears that the fountain of water was enchanted, and that the dragon had been set to guard it, so that no mortal might ever quench his thirst there.
Then away they hastened with her full of joy in their boat towards the ship; but soon came the dragon roaring behind them through the air; for he awoke and missed the princess.
Nothing pleased the knight of that time more than a brisk bout with a dragon.
It occurs to me," said the Wizard, "that we ought to get out of this place before the mother dragon comes back.
For though I may not be able to sail a ship as well as you, so long as the birds and the beasts and the fishes are my friends, I do not have to be afraid of a pirate chief--even though he call himself `The Dragon of Barbary.
Mr Swiveller was wondering whether this might be another Miss Brass, twin sister to the Dragon, when there came a rapping of knuckles at the office door.
Farebrother's residence in Middlemarch, where he was carrying out some parochial plans; and Fred, not seeing anything more agreeable to do, had turned into the Green Dragon, partly to play at billiards, partly to taste the old flavor of discourse about horses, sport, and things in general, considered from a point of view which was not strenuously correct.
They thought I was one of those fire-belching dragons they had heard so much about from knights and other professional liars.