DRAIDirección de Relaciones Académicas Internacionales (Spanish: International Academic Relations Division; Chile)
DRAIDetention Risk Assessment Instrument (various states)
DRAIDigital Repositories and Archives Inventory (Joint Information Systems Committee; UK)
DRAIDead Reckoning Analyzer/Indicator
DRAIData Research Associates, Inc. (St. Louis, MO)
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Overall score of the physician is concerned, 55% (22/40) are adequately aware about diabetic retinopathy with DRAI >12.
The DRAI formula was then applied to the 538 subjects and analyzed using procedures from 1996 SAS-6.
Drais a, en outre, salue les efforts des elus, autorites locales et acteurs de la societe civile pour le developpement de cette region, les exhortant a poursuivre sur cette voie et a apporter toute l'aide necessaire au wali pour realiser davantage de progres et de prosperite conformement aux orientations de SM le Roi Mohammed VI.
Product Pipeline Review - 2014', provides an overview of the Drais Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Astellas Pharma, a Japan-based pharmaceutical company, has collaborated with Drais Pharmaceuticals, an early-stage drug development company.
Drais came up with the word because he had his bottom on a seat, steered with his hands and used his two legs to run up to 25 miles a day over the bumpy country roads.
The new Drais DCP NanoStar Media Mill is specifically designed to produce nanomaterials previously unattainable.
Drais Perl ball mills finely disperse and homogenize high-, medium-, and low-viscosity materials and stiff pastes.
Tra roedden ni'n gobeithio fod 'na ryw elfen o gywilydd gan ein gwleidyddion yn y math o drais ddefnyddiodd yr heddlu yn Orgrave adeg streic y glowyr, er enghraifft, mae'n ymddangos nad yw'r fath gywilydd yn bod yn y presennol wrth weld un o wladwriaethau Ewrop yn defnyddio trais yn gwbl agored yn erbyn y diniwed a hen fenywod ar strydoedd Catalunya dros y penwythnos.
1818: Karl Christian Ludwig Drais von Sauerbronn patented the "draisine", the forerunner of the bicycle.
The new Drais DCP NanoStar Media Mill is specifically designed to produce the nanomaterials previously unattainable.
dengys 'gurau bod achosion o drais domestig wedi mwy na dyblu mewn rhai rhannau o Gymru dros y tair blynedd G diwethaf.