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DRASHDeployable Rapid Assembly Shelter
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The group helped CNN put together the town hall, and Ravitz and Drash asked the group to help them get in contact with some of the attendees.
Drash uses all French oak, about 70% new, on the Estate Marquette.
See Drash, supra note 129 ("Comparing the officers' accounts of the moment of the shooting with the video reveals stunning differences and what appears to be a conspiracy to create a scenario in which deadly force would be justified.
A grimmer response to human ephemerality appears again in the book's fourth section, Drash (a Hebrew word meaning an interpretation of a biblical passage)--but the tone is exasperated rather than angry.
Each section begins with a brief introduction by editor Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, identifying key questions and issues that will surface in the following essays and offering an informal or homiletic drash (interpretation/teaching) as a way into the subject.
Wayne Drash, "911 Caller in Gates Arrest Never Referred to 'Black Suspects,'" CNN US, July 27, 2009, http://articles.
Another key feature is unlike conventional DRASH units the PEACH[R] supports other structures as well whether temporary or traditional brick and mortar.
The same goals are apparent: First, to humanize the giants of Jewish exegesis of the Hebrew Bible by synopsizing the history of their epochs--in this case the Crusader period--and by looking into their personal life; second, to explain and discuss their methodology of explication, which means, as in volume I, extensive discussion of pshat and drash.