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DRATDélégué aux Réserves de l'Armée de Terre (French: Army Reserves Delegate)
DRATDistrict Response Advisory Team
DRATdinitrogenase reductase ADP-ribosyltransferase
DRATDisaster Relief Assessment Team
DRATData Requirements Analysis Tool (NASA)
DRATDoubly Rotated AT (crystal cut)
DRATData Retrieval from Archived Tape
DRATDepartmental Resource Assignment Tool
DRATDistributed Raman Assisted Transmission
DRATData Reduction and Analysis Toolkit
DRATDiscipline, Relaxation, Attention, Transformation
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However, the biology of DRAT may differ from that of SSRI nonresponse.
The Court engaged in a serious analysis of whether certain aspects of the proposed drat, such as controlling systemic risk or collecting national data, could be done on a province by province basis.
Drat, thought the mother, who hid her tears as she Sent another child off into the world -- this part again.
There are one or two slips (for instance, The Drunken Boat is attributed to Baudelaire rather than Rimbaud--though perhaps this is the fault of Drat Siltlow, the character who tells us this, rather than of Gordon), but the usage rules are all carefully and effectively drawn.
Children misbehave hilariously and are punished outrageously in his nonsense poems published in Brats (1986), Fresh Brats (1990), and Drat These Brats
Before DRAT, the research and development process was barely automated.
ACROSS 1 A SHIPPER 5 PICE 9 OARED 10 LOG LAIR 11 PEEK 12 TO INFECT 14 INGRES 15 BOULES 18 POOR LAPS 20 TONK 23 COUNTER 24 MERIT 25 DRAT 26 OUTRIDES DOWN 1 HARKS 2 CORPSES 3 SHOE 4 IGNORE 6 LOPIT 7 ANY DICE 8 FRETFUL 13 ON GUARD 14 ERUPTED 16 MUNDANE 17 EATAGU 19 DOURO 21 TROUT 12 13 15 16 17 1920 21 22 24 23 21 23 11 21 3 3 4 4 22 3 3 5 14 22 23 23 24 4 14 22 5 3 21 KRISS KROSS 8 10 6 7 8 6 FOUR BY FOUR 3 9 9 5 FREE 10 4 7 6 3 4 5 6 7 3 4 4 3 3 5 7 PUZZLES OUT PULL-Inside
After listening to each of the members' concerns, our colleague George Adwan presented his plan to bring views closer and distributed a program based on the proposal of Speaker Nabih Berri, allowing each Deputy to write his remarks," Ghanem explained, adding that the plan will hopefully be tackled consensually in next Tuesday's session so as to reach a final drat to be submitted to the Parliament.
The meeting will discussed a number of topics and unified draft laws, such as the unified judiciary draft law, the unified drat law to combat cybercrime and the unified draft law for family court, in addition to reviewing a number of reports referred from the specialized committees.
DRAT is the appellate authority to hear and dispose of appeals arising out of the decisions of the DRTs.