DRCSDigital Radio Concentrator System
DRCSDynamically Redefinable Character Set
DRCSData Receiver and Command Sender
DRCSDistributed Railway Control System
DRCSDiversity Receiver Chipset
DRCSDirector of Reserve Components Support
DRCSDiamonds in the Rough Children's Society
DRCSDigital Range Communication Systems (Orion)
DRCSDistributed Routing and Centralized Scheduling
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The increasing trend of lightness on DRCS observed in all slaughtering ages, but particularly on 6 mo old horses, could be due to a progressive breaking of muscular fibres during post-thawing time, with the passage of water from the intracellular to extracellular district (Yu et al.
The DRCS didn't show variation of redness and chroma during post-thawing time.
The DRCS eliminates the need for multiple stages of analog frequency downconversion hardware, including expensive mixers, filters and amplifiers, by allowing digitization of the signal at the first IF (at inputs up to 300 MHz) after it has been mixed and filtered only once.
DRCS evaluation boards are available to help facilitate quick bench trials and simplify final system designs.