DRDCDefence Research and Development Canada (formerly Defence Research and Development Branch)
DRDCDairy Research and Development Corporation
DRDCDark River Derby Coalition (Quincy, IL)
DRDCDarfur Relief and Documentation Centre (Geneva, Switzerland)
DRDCDetector Research and Development Committee (Switzerland)
DRDCDenver Reception Diagnostic Center (Department of Corrections)
DRDCDefence Regional Distribution Centre (UK)
DRDCDixie Round Damce Council
DRDCDelaware Repertory Dance Company (University of Delaware)
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DRDC CSS has collaborated with Public Safety Canada and Natural Resources Canada to set up and assist in operating the National Energy Infrastructure Test Centre in Ottawa, where several times a year industry representatives are invited to take part in courses that walk them through the details of how their systems might be vulnerable to attacks, including colourful simulations of what such attacks look like and what might be done to prevent them.
Biometrics focus on maximizing mobile and multi-modal technology innovation at the border and ports of entry: confirmed sessions on Entry/Exit program, FBI CJIS, DRDC Canada, OBIM
Cross, Michael Stewart, Indicators, Predictors and Determinants of Conflict Escalation and De-escalation: A Review of the Psychological Literature, DRDC Toronto Contractor Report CR-2009-074, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Defence R&D Canada, 2009, p.
With a broad scientific program, DRDC actively collaborates with industry, international allies, academia, other government departments and the national security community.
LSL specimens failed under larger deformations than hemlock, and DRDC failed under larger deformations for both materials.
The ever-increasing amount of raw data and information in the contemporary world poses a significant challenge to command and control systems for military and public security operations, necessitating practices of data and information fusion, broadly characterized by the authors (of DRDC Valcartier, a Canadian military research organization, and the Defence Science and Technology in Organisation in Australia) as "the process of utilizing one or more data sources over time to assemble a representation of aspects of interest in an environment.
Preclinical research conducted by PharmAthene's development partners, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defence (USAMRICD) and DRDC Suffield, Defence Research and Development Canada, have demonstrated the capability of Protexia to protect laboratory animals from the toxic effects of chemical nerve agents.
project; and acknowledge the support of DRDC Valcartier and Logicon Technical Services for their support of the original projects.
The new organisation will undertake the programs previously provided by ADC and DRDC.
Late last year, Colt earned plaudits for its development--in collaboration with DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada)--of a new "smart gun" which features network connectivity and automated targeting capabilities.
Exhibitors include Concierge (Government of Canada), DRDC, and ISED (Industrial Technologies Office).
The DRDC has eight research centres scattered across the country, which provide knowledge and technology to the Canadian Armed Forces and government departments to ensure public safety and protect Canadian interests here and abroad.