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DREDirect Recording Electronic (electronic voting machine)
DREDepartment of Real Estate
DREDigital Rectal Examination
DREDrug Recognition Expert
DREDirector of Religious Education
DREDirection Régionale de l'Equipement (French: Regional Directorate of Equipment)
DREDestruction and Removal Efficiency (measurement of number of molecules of a compound removed or destroyed in an incinerator)
DREDirectors of Religious Education
DREDisk Read Error
DREDynamic Reasoning Engine
DREDense Rock Equivalent
DREDistributed Real-time and Embedded system
DREDefense Research and Engineering
DREDefence Research Establishment
DREDigital Radio Express (California)
DREdiagnosis-related estimate
DREDoctor of Religious Education
DREDrummond Island, Michigan (Airport Code)
DREData Reverse Engineering workshop
DREDirectional Reservation Equipment
DREDesign Responsible Engineer
DREDilated Retinal Exam (tests for diabetic retinopathy)
DREDrug Resistant Epilepsy
DREDead Reckoning Equipment
DREDucted Rocket Engine
DREDefensive Right End (football)
DREDead Reckoning Error
DREDelta Ray Edge (Mega Man Battle Network 3/4)
DREDiabetic Retinal Examination
DREDon Ron Entertainment
DREDirectorate for Readiness
DREDoor, Roll-Up, Electric
DREDetailed Report of Excavation
DREDistrict Reserve Equipment
DREDirector of Research and Engineering (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition)
DREDunlop Renewable Energy Ltd (Kelowna, BC, Canada)
DREDelivering Race Equality (mental health)
DREDefect Removal Efficiency (quality metric)
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The DRE ingests health data in a variety of formats from multiple sources and parses, normalizes, de-duplicates, and merges it into a consolidated record.
We found that biopsy rates increased with PSA level and for any PSA level, men with a suspicious DRE had increased biopsy rates," Dr.
The plaintiffs appealed, claiming that the DRE recount method would not show whether a machine's failure to record a vote was due to human or system error, while a recount of votes in other counties, which used optical scan equipment to read punch-card ballots, would show this.
The Wilcoxon signed-rank test was applied to detect statistically significant differences in PSA concentrations by both assays between the respective DRE or biopsy result groups.
Amida developed the DRE to help place patients at the center of their health information.
More to the point: In stark contrast to a DRE world, even if individual or small-scale fraud were to occur, by design a VBM system disperses the risk, rather than concentrates it.
Many tumors detected by DRE alone are potentially curable, but may no longer be by the time the PSA also reaches the biopsy threshold, Dr.
With respect to foreclosure rescue scams, since 2010 the DRE has filed nearly 500 accusations and Desist and Refrain Orders against nearly 1,400 respondents who were involved specifically in illegal foreclosure rescue and short sale scams.
Such fraud by real estate licensees will not be tolerated and the DRE will continue to work with its law enforcement partners to ensure unscrupulous operators are punished to the full extent of the law.
Given the economic strain many families are facing, timeshare ownership is a luxury some families can no longer afford", DRE Acting Commissioner Barbara Bigby said.
The DRE, whose mission is to protect the public interests in real estate matters, continues to file scores of actions against individuals and entities illegally offering loan modification and mortgage relief services.
With the opening of this new facility, examinees in Southern California no longer have to wait weeks in order to obtain a real estate license after passing the exam; licensing is nearly instantaneous," DRE Acting Commissioner Barbara Bigby said.