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DREDirect Recording Electronic (electronic voting machine)
DREDepartment of Real Estate
DREDigital Rectal Examination
DREDrug Recognition Expert
DREDirector of Religious Education
DREDepartment of Religious Education (various locations)
DREDirection Régionale de l'Equipement (French: Regional Directorate of Equipment)
DREDefect Removal Efficiency (quality metric)
DREData Routing Element
DREDistributed Realtime and Embedded
DREDirect Recording Electronic
DREDigital Ranging Equipment
DREDirect Radiative Effect (aerosols)
DREDestruction and Removal Efficiency (measurement of number of molecules of a compound removed or destroyed in an incinerator)
DREData Redundancy Elimination (Cisco)
DREDeployment Readiness Exercise (security)
DREDIRECTV Residential Experience (hotel TV service)
DREDelivering Race Equality (mental health)
DREDirectors of Religious Education
DREDisk Read Error
DREDivision Real Estate (various locations)
DREDynamic Reasoning Engine
DREDense Rock Equivalent
DREDistributed Real-time and Embedded system
DREDefense Research and Engineering
DREDigital Radio Express (California)
DREDefence Research Establishment
DREdiagnosis-related estimate
DREDoctor of Religious Education
DREDrummond Island, Michigan (Airport Code)
DREData Reverse Engineering workshop
DREDirectional Reservation Equipment
DREDesign Responsible Engineer
DREDilated Retinal Exam (tests for diabetic retinopathy)
DREDrug Resistant Epilepsy
DREDead Reckoning Equipment
DREDucted Rocket Engine
DREDead Reckoning Error
DREDefensive Right End (football)
DREDelta Ray Edge (Mega Man Battle Network 3/4)
DREDiabetic Retinal Examination
DREDoor, Roll-Up, Electric
DREDon Ron Entertainment
DREDirectorate for Readiness
DREDetailed Report of Excavation
DREDistrict Reserve Equipment
DREDirector of Research and Engineering (Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition)
DREDunlop Renewable Energy Ltd (Kelowna, BC, Canada)
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In an effort to educate all Californians to fully understand the complexities of real estate transactions, from school-aged kids to senior citizens, the DRE, through this program and by partnering with other government agencies dedicated to Financial Literacy, will promote a wide range of activities, resources, workshops and other important events.
The DRE has issued a CONSUMER ALERT on forensic loan audits that has been posted on its web site at http://www.
Detroit Thermal, a DRE subsidiary, is a Michigan Public Service Commission-regulated utility that distributes steam for heating and cooling through 32 miles of pipe throughout midtown and downtown Detroit to approximately 100 building meter locations.
DRE could prove beneficial in detecting other pathological conditions, e.
Earlier this month, the Comelec said it was suspending the public bidding for the lease of DRE machines while it was reevaluating its plan to conduct a dry run of the voting technology.
The final inclusion criteria were; refractory retention of urine, severe IPSS (19-35), prostate apparently benign on DRE and on ultrasonography post-voiding residual urine more than 100ml.
As you might expect, there's an increase in the incidence of suspicious DRE with increasing age," Dr.
The [10-year] survival rate was 86% for patients diagnosed by DRE only, 87% for patients diagnosed by PSA only, and 78% for patients diagnosed due to abnormalities in both DRE and PSA," he added.
In April, the Sixth Circuit overturned a trial court decision in favor of the defendants in another Ohio DRE case.
Both during and after the election, the media reported issues with voter registration, the rules for counting provisional ballots, the length of time required to vote, absentee ballot problems, and allegations of voter intimidation and fraud, along with reports about DRE malfunctions of voting equipment, including DREs.
In April, the DRE slapped Grimes and his company with a "desist and refrain" (D&R) order demanding that it cease negotiating or soliciting newspaper transaction until it gets a real estate license.
Far from preventing another debacle like 2000, the DRE machines make one all the more likely.