DREBDehydration-Responsive Element-Binding (biology)
DREBDéfense Rapprochée des Engins Blindés (French: Close Defense of Armored Vehicles)
DREBDoyle and Roman Enrichment Broth (microbiology)
DREBDystrophic Recessive Epidermolysis Bullosa (inherited disease)
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Similarly, members of DREB family are also important for plant response to heat stress (Qu et al.
whereas, regulatory genes constitute bZIP, DREB, MYC/MYB, and NAC factors (Agarwal et al.
Arabidopsis DREBs are classified into two classes, DREB1 (DREB1A = CBF3, DREB1B = CBF1, and DREB1C = CBF2), and DREB2 (DREB2A and DREB2B).