DREFDisaster Relief Emergency Fund (International Red Cross/Red Crescent)
DREFDirection des Ressources Éducatives Françaises (French: French Learning Resources Branch; Canada)
DREFDistribution Research and Education Foundation
DREFDelta Research and Educational Foundation (Washington, DC)
DREFDose-Rate Effectiveness Factor
DREFDNA Replication-Related Element Binding Factor
DREFDynamic Real Estate Fund (Switzerland)
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Additional solutions will enable DREF to perform several key business operations within Yardi Voyager, a browser-agnostic, fully mobilised Software as a Service platform.
agreement between the IFRC and the European Commission enables the latter to replenish the DREF for agreed operations (that fit in
The DREF report said that supplier "trustworthiness" and other attributes are more important than "low price" when they chose suppliers.