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DRGDiagnosis Related Group (Medicare reimbursement model)
DRGDigital Raster Graphic
DRGDorsal Root Ganglion
DRGDragoon (Final Fantasy XI, gaming)
DRGDeutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (German Empire Railway)
DRGDavid Ray Griffin (author)
DRGDivision of Research Grants (see CSR, NIH)
DRGDorsal Respiratory Group
DRGDevelopment Resource Group
DRGDisease-Related Group
DRGDragon Knight (video games)
DRGDomestic Readiness Group (US White House policy coordination group)
DRGDistrict Response Group
DRGDefense Research Group
DRGDesign Review Group
DRGDevelopmentally Regulated G-Protein (biomedicine)
DRGDegrees, Radians, Grads (key on scientific calculators)
DRGDigital Ranging Generator
DRGDesign Review Guideline (software)
DRGDeskin Research Group
DRGData Receiver Group
DRGData Request Groups
DRGDisplay Request Group
DRGDeutsche Röntgengesellschaft eV
DRGDétection de Rupture de Gaine (French: Detection of Fuel Failure; nuclear energy industry)
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Based on the ICD 9-CM codes used, a single DRG is assigned for each inpatient case.
Even though the principal diagnosis is the basis for DRG assignment, surgical procedures always take precedence over medical codes when assigning the final DRG, since in the eyes of CMS, surgical DRGs reflect higher complexity than medical DRGs.
The DRG research includes fundamental, economic, quantitative and technical strategies that serve institutional money managers, hedge funds, mutual funds and pension plans in the United States and abroad.
5 The average hospital needlessly forgoes about $3,000 in Medicare payments for each of these patients (the difference between DRG 89 and DRG 79 payment levels).
The addition of both the investigations just discussed to the management of all bronchitis patients could result for each patient shifted from DRG 96 to DRG 79 in a payment gain of about 4,000.
3M Health Information Systems' DRG Assurance is provided in conjunction with Premier's Clinical Advisor (TM) product, which provides reporting and benchmarking analyses against the nation's largest clinical comparative database.
DRG Assurance is a registered trademark of the 3M Company.
By using this software, which is fully HCFA compliant, Synertech will be able to incorporate DRG weighting factors into its processing to allow computation of Medicare reimbursements for hospital stays.
The Micro-Dyn ActiveX DRG Control is compatible with the leading software development environments for Microsoft Windows 95/NT including MS Visual Basic V5.
announce a co-marketing agreement under which ONLINE DRG, Lanier's award winning electronic centralized chart-coding system, and ParaMetrix's chart coding consulting services will be offered to hospitals as a complete solution.
ARH) announce today an agreement to install Lanier's award winning ONLINE DRG Telecoding system in five ARH hospitals in Ky.