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DRGDiagnosis Related Group (Medicare reimbursement model)
DRGDigital Raster Graphic
DRGDorsal Root Ganglion
DRGDragoon (Final Fantasy XI, gaming)
DRGDeutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (German Empire Railway)
DRGDavid Ray Griffin (author)
DRGDivision of Research Grants (see CSR, NIH)
DRGDorsal Respiratory Group
DRGDevelopment Resource Group
DRGDisease-Related Group
DRGDragon Knight (video games)
DRGDomestic Readiness Group (US White House policy coordination group)
DRGDistrict Response Group
DRGDefense Research Group
DRGDesign Review Group
DRGDevelopmentally Regulated G-Protein (biomedicine)
DRGDegrees, Radians, Grads (key on scientific calculators)
DRGDigital Ranging Generator
DRGDesign Review Guideline (software)
DRGDeskin Research Group
DRGData Receiver Group
DRGData Request Groups
DRGDisplay Request Group
DRGDeutsche Röntgengesellschaft eV
DRGDétection de Rupture de Gaine (French: Detection of Fuel Failure; nuclear energy industry)
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Each DRG is assigned based upon ICD 9-CM diagnostic and/or procedural codes.
DRG Quality Analysis Adds Significant Dimension To Midwood's Services
Of the 495 DRGs recognized by the HCFA, 110 have companion headings that upgrade reimbursement for co-morbidities and complications.
Reclassifying a DRG 96 patient with old abnormalities on chest x-ray from a bronchitis diagnosis to a pneumonia diagnosis often requires repeating the x-ray after the patient's hydration and initial treatment.
QuadraMed clients with the embedded 3M APR DRG Software should not experience any change in their ability to use existing QuadraMed products.
3M's DRG Assurance program is designed to improve concurrent inpatient record documentation through a comprehensive program of consulting, auditing and training services.
Additionally, concerns are raised as to the impact that the DRGs might have on adoption and reimbursement of new products entering the market.
For more information about Health Net Connections Fraud and Abuse Services, DRG Review and Recovery Services and Preferred Pricing Program, visit www.
Cost containment services include hospital bill audit, claim repricing, DRG validation, claims audit subrogation recovery, collection and fraud investigation and recovery services.
to provide DRG Validation Audit Services for the 300,000 plus members of the Idaho Blue Plan.
to add DRGActive(TM) Enterprise DRG Control software to its administrative outsourcing and application services.