DRIFDiabetes Research Institute Foundation
DRIFDemand-Driven Rural Investment Fund (World Bank)
DRIFDélégué Régional à l'Ingénierie de Formation (French: Regional Delegate for Engineering Education)
DRIFDansk Ride-Instruktør Forening (Denmark)
DRIFDesignated Research Initiative Fund (Maryland)
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UM Trustee Stuart Miller, Chairman of the Miller School's Momentum2 campaign, says he's proud that the lead gift for the University is coming from the DRIF.
The steadfast and dedicated support of the DRIF has allowed our researchers to pursue innovative cell-based therapies aimed at curing this disease," Ricordi says.
The DRIF was founded in 1971 by a small group of parents who shared a dedication to finding a cure for their children with diabetes.