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DRMDigital Rights Management
DRMDigital Restrictions Management
DRMDigital Radio Mondiale (ETSI TS 101 980)
DRMData Reference Model
DRMDistributed Resource Management
DRMDisaster Recovery Manager
DRMDirection du Renseignement Militaire (French military secret service)
DRMDisability Resources Monthly
DRMDesign Reference Mission
DRMDivisional Railway Manager (India Rail)
DRMData Resource Management
DRMDirectorate of Resource Management
DRMData Replication Manager (Compaq)
DRMDevice Relationship Management (Axeda Systems Inc.)
DRMDeese-Roediger-McDermott (psychology experiment)
DRMDisability Rights Movement
DRMDigital Road Map
DRMDead Reckoning Module (Point Research Corp.)
DRMDirector of Resource Management
DRMDrawing Requirements Manual (drafting)
DRMDesmin-Related Myopathy
DRMDirect Rendering Management
DRMDisaster and Risk Management
DRMDepartment of Resource Management
DRMData Representation Model
DRMDesign Review Meeting
DRMDestination Release Mechanism (Distributed Queue Dual Bus, IEEE 802.6)
DRMDie-Roll Modifier (gaming)
DRMDomain Resource Manager
DRMDAB Readiness Meeting
DRMDynamic Resource Manager
DRMDrafting Room Manual
DRMDisk Resource Management
DRMDomain Requirements Model
DRMData Receiving Module
DRMDesign Rules Manual
DRMDina Rättigheter Minskar (Swedish: Your Rights Diminish)
DRMDefense Acquisition Board Readiness Meeting
DRMDavid Rothstein Music, Inc (Chicago, IL )
DRMDirection of Relative Movement
DRMDrafting Requirements Manual
DRMDoor, Roll-Up, Manual
DRMData Recovery/Reduction Module
DRMDivision of Raw Materials (US Atomic Energy Commission)
DRMDistance-Reducing Mapping
DRMDeutsches Reichsmark (German money pre-1945)
DRMDrafting Reference Manual
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Cloakware also provides secure interoperability between DRM systems to support transfer of licensed digital content among different devices.
Enterprises continue to create and produce information that is stored in digital formats, creating a need for systems like DRM.
Hence, in keeping with the development of standards, mobile DRM is rapidly progressing to provide improved content protection.
This report offers a balanced assessment of six plausible market development trajectories, of which a Coral-based DRM interoperability regime is just one.
Sukjoong Lee, COO of Core Logic said, "Discretix is now providing DRM technology optimized for mobile environment.
COM) are integrated and the SUN Server runs CoreMedia CMS with the ESG Management as well as CoreMedia DRM System with Service Protection.