DRTTDirection Régionale du Travail des Transports (French: Regional Directorate for Employment of Transportation)
DRTTDetermination of Relevant Therapy Tool (clinical reasoning)
DRTTDécanat à la Recherche et au Transfert Technologique (French: Dean for Research and Technology Transfer; Canada)
DRTTDial Repeating Tie Trunk
DRTTDirect Resourcing Think Tank
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We do this by comparing the normalized RTT, Nrtt, for each received acknowledgment (ACK) against a threshold, Drtt.
For every ACK, if the Nrtt exceeds the Drtt, then we set the slow-start threshold to 1/2 the congestion window and set the congestion window to one.
off], packet delivery time and network congestion increases with Drtt up to some bound.