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DRUNKDrinking Rum Until Nothing Kills
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The proportions who were alcohol-dependent and who had recently binged fell sharply as the age at which students had first gotten drunk increased; findings from the multivariate analyses confirmed that the odds of alcohol dependence and bingeing were highest among those who had first gotten drunk during the preadolescent or early teenage years and declined steadily thereafter.
Illinois resident William Ferman, asked by an attorney whether he had ever been drunk, replied, "No sir but what I knew what I was doing and could attend to business.
The students were also asked to estimate how many drinks it would take for them to become drunk.
A weekend drunk driving and party patrol program in Oregon increased the arrest of minors for possession from 60 to 1,000 in 1 year.
has been doing its part to promote responsible drinking and reduce drunk driving, alcohol abuse and underage drinking," says Yvonne Lumsden-Dill, director, industry affairs for Miller Brewing.
Traditionally, tort law protected alcoholic beverage manufacturers from the duty to warn under the "good whiskey" argument which stated that "Good whiskey is not unreasonably dangerous merely because it will make some people drunk .
While driving drunk doesn't mean someone is an alcoholic, counselors say it often indicates a drinking problem.
The alcoholism treatment establishment uses a drunk driving accident to silence dissent.