DSFADepartment of Social and Family Affairs (Republic of Ireland)
DSFADoesn't Stand for Anything
DSFADiplomatic Service Families Association (London, England, UK)
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by adopting DSFA themselves, because other nations have the
Part III contributes to the question of whether global DSFA would
incentives under DSFA allocation and from distortions to cross-border
administrative and compliance cost savings under DSFA and considers the
It is argued that DSFA would abandon the incorrect, awkward and
The demand-side focus of DSFA is arguably no less arbitrary than
The case for DSFA rests on the central point that sales are
the DSFA formula aims to eliminate the incentive for corporations to
domino effect that led to global DSFA, the series of events might
than the adoption of global DSFA, all other considerations (such as
and inefficiencies that arise under DSFA would not present themselves.
business-to-business sales described as a concern under DSFA in Part