DSGCDistributed Systems and Grid Computing (conference track; Association for Computing Machinery)
DSGCDirection-Selective Ganglion Cell
DSGCDevon and Somerset Gliding Club (UK)
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The DSGC, which allows access to the Chinese Gold market, traded a total of 2,946 contracts since its listing on 10 March 2017.
DSGC provides investors across the globe access to the largest bullion market, which is connected to over 10 million institutional customers, 8.
The yuan-denominated contract, DSGC, marks the first-ever usage of the Shanghai Gold Benchmark Price in international markets; DMCC trade flow bringing its Shari'ah-compliant Salam forward financing transaction to market, enabling a purchaser to pay in advance for buying specified assets which the seller will supply on a pre-agreed date; announcing plans to develop a coffee centre.