DSLEDesignated Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers
DSLEDouble-Square-Loop Element (antenna element type)
DSLEDownlink-Specific Linear Equalization
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SLE was more prevalent in males than females in DSLE group.
Total plasma proteins in both groups namely; DSLE and D groups were analogous.
Though, AGEs in DSLE patients were not associated with DM or SLE duration.
In the presence of active inflammation and oxidative stress, AGEs might be even further increased in DSLE patients.
Though ambiguity and prospects coexist, DSLE patients may well be at increased risk of developing neuropathy, retinopathy and lower extremities amputations.
Regarding the dual-slide mode in a DSLE (shown in Figure 3), the teacher simultaneously uses the left screen to display prepared instructional materials designed in instructional slides and writes additional instructional contents, for example, hand-written statistical formulas, on the blank slides displayed on the right screen to illustrate the steps involved in solving statistical questions and other explanation points that the teacher wants to show learners.
The nineteen participants (five females and fourteen males) assigned to the Dual-Screen (DS) group were assigned to learn in the DSLE.
On the other hand, the teacher can make use of two adjacent screens to simultaneously present the instructional slides and demonstrate a worked example using programming language software without interleaving these two instructional contents in the DSLE.
For examining the effect on learning achievement of participants in DSLE, the t-test and effect size analyses were used to access the achievement of learners in learning Windows programming between these two groups.
The degrees of clarity and difficulty of learning content showed significant differences and lager effect sizes between the SSLE and DSLE, meaning that learning content presented in the DSLE has fewer intrinsic and extraneous cognitive loads for learners than that presented in the SSLE.