DSLFDsl Forum
DSLFDansk Selskab for Logopaedi og Foniatri (Danish: Danish Society for Logopaedi and Foniatri; voice disorders)
DSLFDownwelling Surface Longwave Radiation Flux
DSLFDigital Subscriber Line Forum
DSLFDansk Svømme- og Livrednings- forbund (Danish)
DSLFDon't Stop Living Foundation (Florida)
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Contract Awarded to refurbish and modernize 4 Kone-Landel bucket cranes located in the DSLF at the Blue Plains Advanced Water Treatment Plant.
Mark was the Program manager for the DSLF Interoperability Showcase at SUPERCOMM 1999 and 2000, the first public demonstrations of industry-wide DSL interoperability, and his considerable experience and industry contacts are perfectly matched to the needs of Simpler Networks.