DSLVDeutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband
DSLVDeutscher Sportlehrerverband
DSLVDeutscher SkiLehrer Verband
DSLVDomestic Safety Law Variations
DSLVDrugs Sex Language Violence
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Forward-Looking Statements: The statements in this press release regarding the Crazy Grazer definitive agreement, anticipated closing date of the Merger, the Company's ability to close on the Merger, the hiring of the new executives, the Company's ability to enter into definitive agreements with Hall Communications, StyleWise and DSLV, the Company's future success, the Company's ability to take advantage of market trends, the success of e-commerce, benefits of the banking relationship with Wells Fargo, benefits of the IntraVex relationship, future opportunities and any other effect, result or aspect of the transactions and any other statements, which are not historical facts, are forward looking statements.
The letter of intent will also integrate StyleWise Interactive, a leading software development and multimedia design firm; Hall Communications, a Nevada-based advertising and public relations firm; and DSLV Lawlor Advertising, a Pasadena-based retail marketing and advertising agency, under the parent corporation.
Collectively, StyleWise Interactive, Hall Communications and DSLV Lawlor have marketed leading companies such as AOL, AT&T, Circuit City, Coca-Cola, DirecTV, GE, GoVideo, La-Z-Boy, RCA and Starbucks.