DSM-CCDigital Storage Media - Command and Control
DSM-CCDigital Storage Media Command and Control (also seen as DSMCC)
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Cooperating with S&T to integrate S&T's RedKey 2 MHEG engine and DSM-CC object carousel client will create a product capable of meeting the needs of not only the existing MHEG markets but also those operators looking for a cost effective way into VOD and online streaming to a variety of devices," said Paul Daly, Operations Director at S&T.
With our DSM-CC Library, developed specifically for session-based applications, application developers have a comprehensive library of tools to significantly accelerate development time and time to market for these applications," said itaas' Chief Operating Officer Jaspal Bhasin.
The vendor neutral DSM-CC Library is available in both C++ and Java versions, supporting DSM-CC session protocols for managing interactive and continuous feed sessions.
In addition, Softel made its Mediasphere DSM-CC server available on loan to CableLabs, as did Thales with its Mercury transport stream analyzer, Coral DSM-CC server, and Pearl stream multiplexer.
Participants have agreed to pursue common, open interfaces that are based on the emerging DSM-CC protocol being formulated by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG).
But through this program, vendors can work together to ensure interoperability between interactive video system components by making sure their interpretations of the DSM-CC protocol are in step with each other," he said.
The combination of the two proven, commercially deployed technologies is an open systems integration and offers broadband system operators compliance with a broad range of international agency and defacto standards including RTSP, DSM-CC user-network level one and DSM-CC user-user level two, and the Pegasus Interactive Services Architecture (ISA).
Shaping industry standards -- Digital actively participates in several standards-setting bodies designed to create a common architecture to facilitate the delivery of interactive information services, including: Digital Audio Video Interoperability Committee (DAVIC); ISO/MPEG on the DSM-CC set-top box interface standard; and the Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA).
DSM-CC was originally intended to provide VCR-like control of an MPEG-2 transport stream across a network.
0, is an open system that supports both DAVID protocols and applications and also international digital video and broadcast standards such as DAVIC, DSM-CC, MPEG, MHEG and DVB.