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DSMADistributed Shared Memory Architecture
DSMADecoded Stream Memory Area
DSMADigital Sense Multiple Access
DSMADistributed Systems Management Architecture
DSMADivision of Small Manufacturers Assistance (US FDA)
DSMADistal Spinal Muscular Atrophy
DSMADétachement du Service Militaire Adapté (French: Adapted Military Service Detachment)
DSMADeviation-Scaled Moving Average (investing)
DSMADoor and Shutter Manufacturers' Association (UK)
DSMAData Sense Multiple Access
DSMADatagram Sensing Multiple Access
DSMADefence Safety Management Agency (Australia)
DSMADefence Services Medical Academy (Myanmar)
DSMADoylestown School of Music and the Arts (Doylestown, PA)
DSMADallas Softball Managers Association (Dallas, Texas)
DSMADisodium Methyl Arsonate
DSMADowntown San Mateo Association (San Mateo, CA)
DSMADistinguished Sales and Marketing Award (trademark of Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc.)
DSMADnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy (Ukraine)
DSMADartmouth School Music Association
DSMADistributed Systems and Mobile Agents
DSMADhaka Statistical Metropolitan Area (Bangladesh)
DSMADefense Spectrum Management Architecture (US DoD)
DSMADoctoral Student Management Association
DSMADigital Strong Motion Accelerograph
DSMADisodium Methane Arsenate
DSMADelhi Strong Motion Accelerograph
DSMADistributed Scheduling Multiple Access
DSMADivine Science Ministers Association
DSMADarien Special Management Area
DSMADynamic Stock Market Analysis
DSMADecision Systems Management Agency
DSMADepartment of Security on Military Affairs (Burma)
DSMADowntown Seneca Merchant's Association (Seneca, SC)
DSMADaily Soil Moisture Accounting
DSMADefense Supply Management Agency
DSMADistrict Supply and Marketing Agency
DSMAData and Safety Monitoring Advisor
DSMADirectorate of Shipping and Maritime Affairs
DSMADirect Support Maintenance Activity
DSMADisodium Methylarsonic Acid
DSMADelta Service Maintenance Aéronautique (French: Delta Aeronautical Maintenance Service)
DSMADay-Specific Moving Average
DSMADevelopmental Studies Mathematics (course)
DSMADetailed Station Message Accounting
DSMADisodium Salt of Methanearsonic Acid
DSMADivision for Service and Mission in America
DSMADual Simple Moving Average
DSMADirector, Scientific and Medical Affairs
DSMADiet and Stress Management in Angina (clinical trial)
DSMADefense Superior Management Award (US DoD)
DSMADeterministic Seismic Margin Assessment
DSMADilworth, Secord, Meager, and Associates
DSMADistributed Storage Management Architecture
DSMADouglas Santa Monica Airfoil
DSMADigital Sales and Marketing Automation
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The timeliness of detection of a 1% outbreak when using the DSMA algorithm at a false alarm rate of four per year only improves from -20.
Mean day of detection relative to public health response for a false alarm rate of 4 per year, by algorithm and outbreak size EWMA ([section]) Outbreak size DSMA * ARIMA ([dagger]) (1,0,1) 0.
The performance of the DSMA contention-control scheme is also improved by the use of a digital bit sequence to indicate the channel busy condition to the mobiles.
The base station busy detect time for DSMA is equivalent to the data presence detection time, which depends on the modem design.
For small collision intervals, the maximum throughput capacity for CSMA or DSMA contention control is far greater than the maximum capacities of Aloha and slotted Aloha.
Our DSMA offering uniquely meets this requirement--power in an easy-to-use, visual, intuitive application.
DSMA and DSFG each feature Spotfire's interactive, visual analysis and are both built upon Spotfire's comprehensive platform for application extension and development.
DSMA offers to power users' additional computational functionality used and accepted in gene expression analysis such as import and processing of Affymetrix CEL and CHP files; CEL file processing with RMA and GCRMA algorithms; incorporation of advanced clustering methods; multifactor ANOVA to support complex experimental design with error correction; flexibility in handling and comparing different array technologies; and the ability to easily arrange a sequence of steps into guided workflows that can be reused and distributed.