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DSMBData Safety Monitoring Board
DSMBDelayed Surface Marker Buoy (SCUBA diving equipment)
DSMBData Safety and Management Board (healthcare; various locations)
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The DSMB will then recommend continuing enrollment into Cohort B or ending the study without further enrollment.
The DSMB analyzed safety data 1-month post treatment of all patients randomized in the trial.
The DSMB determined that the first dose of the vaccine is well tolerated in adults, adolescents and children, some of whom were pre-exposed to dengue viruses.
In our research centre, the DSMB play a crucial role in nephrology clinical research, protecting participant safety and clinical research integrity.
This first DSMB review, which opens up enrollment to younger patients, is an important milestone for the HOPE Study and we are encouraged that this independent committee has determined that voxelotor continues to be well tolerated, said Ted W.
The DSMB of the ReLive trial is an independent committee of experts dedicated to safety review only, based on the analysis of adverse effects and causes of deaths in a blinded mode1.
M2 PHARMA-February 9, 2017-Onxeo updates on information on ReLive trial design and role of its DSMB
The DSMB has authorized the OpRegen clinical trial to move forward with enrollment and dose escalation to the second cohort.
This recommendation by the DSMB authorising Debiopharm to continue the BRAINz study confirms the safety profile of Debio 9902 SR" said David Wilkinson, from MARC, Moorgreen Hospital, Southampton, England and Principal Investigator in the United Kingdom, who presented this recommendation at the 10th International Hong Kong Springfield Symposium on Advances in Alzheimer Therapy.
Because the other two arms of this trial are continuing, the DSMB released the least amount of information necessary, to avoid any risk of biasing study results.
The DSMB meets every six months to review safety data from the two pivotal Phase III clinical trials, POWER 1 and POWER 2.