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DSMLDirectory Services Markup Language (Bowstreet)
DSMLDirectory Services Markup Language
DSMLDouble Sided Mixed Layer
DSMLDomain-Specific Modeling Languages
DSMLDanbrit Ship Management Limited (UK)
DSMLDanses Sportives Montpellier Languedoc (French contemporary dance)
DSMLDrinking Self-Monitoring Log
DSMLDomänenspezifische Modellierungssprachen (Workshop)
DSMLDhampur Sugar Mills Limited (New Delhi, India)
DSMLDon't Sweat My Life
DSMLDouble-Spiral Meander Line
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Various functions are shared between JDWSML and DSML including information technology, audit and finance.
DSM environments can considerably reduce the cost of obtaining tool support for a DSML, since a well-designed DSM environment will automate the creation of application modules costly to build from scratch, such as domain-specific editors, compilers and models transformers.
Bow Street Software Inc, one of three start-ups set up last year by ex Tivoli Systems Inc boss Frank Moss has persuaded IBM Corp, Microsoft Corp, Novell Inc, Oracle Corp and the Sun-Netscape Alliance to back its DSML Directory Services Markup Language as the basis for a new standard.
With this announcement, customers, ISVs and SIs will have access to the Sun open source software infrastructure technologies they need to develop proof-of-concept and pilot applications in the Cloud, including: Sun GlassFish Portfolio, the most complete, open source, high-performance Web platform, based on GlassFish, the industry's most downloaded application server; Sun OpenSSO Enterprise, the single solution for Web access management, federation and Web services security; and Sun OpenDS Standard Edition, a comprehensive next generation directory service, based on LDAP and DSML standards.
Approved OASIS Standards include AVDL, BCM, CAP, DITA, DocBook, DSML, ebXML BPSS, ebXML CPPA, ebXML Messaging, ebXML Registry, EDXL-DE, EML, OpenDocument, SAML, SOA-RM, SPML, UBL, UDDI, WSDM, WS-Notification, WS-Reliability, WSRF, WSRP, WS-Security, XACML, XCBF, and XML Catalogs.